Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is very new. Though it has not been alive for very long I have watched it repeatedly at least twice a day and sometimes more if anyone alive is near me for the moments that the Internets are on for me.

Below is the above shows same sex parents. If you have never seen the Real problem solvers, wich to me is much like the Real Ghostbusters in relation to Filamtions Ghostbusters (wikepedia this phenomenon and expect to see both here at some future point) in its relation to the current form, you are in for a treat! It is hypnoticly beautiful and lush with intence creativity that on repeat watch expands your mind and fires up all synapses on full throttle! It was made by not just Ben Jones, but also Jacob, and Jessica Ciocci of the paperrad crew. I have watched this on countless mornings and would say I am its biggest fan without actually knowing any other big fans. One time I even got to watch it among friends in the dark after listening to 2 of its creators talk and blow my mind. The current formation of Problem Solvers is made up of characters from Ben Jones other, older show pilot called "Alfe". I don't know why..... Its cool.... That parent is below. Make some peppermint tea, sit down and zone on this.

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