Monday, November 21, 2011

Recently in the rentals

These are a slew of movies I have watched or rewatched over the last 2 months (among several others) That have been really powerful for me in one way or another, that i wont probably ever forget. But Just incase..... I put them here for memories sake and also to recommend all of them. There are a few of these I could talk about forever and felt like I should write a detailed post about them, but I have thrown them in here instead of giving them there own spot in the light. I am afraid to expose my feelings about some things and also afraid to get too dark. Some of these films creators I wish to gush upon this blog about down the line but feel inadequate. My love for Catherine Breillat & all f her ideas is one of those. All of these are magic that I wish I could obtain the secret of and regurgitate it filtered through me in some way. They all make me restless to get rad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Artist For President

Susanna Dakin, A driven artist who wanted to make a change during the political nightmare of the 80's, not to dissimilar to our current situation has most recently released a book that chronicles her experience running for president. She ran for president as a both very seriouse attempt & also a performance piece however I feel the seriousness of both should not be separated. She ran as an artist who would change the world through art and make the world beautiful in, of, and as art! Its one of my favoite ideas I have seen folowed through and is incredibly inspiring to me. I dont know how to express the magic it makes me feel or the thrill it gives me to know that things that seem so big are possible!
I have had the privilege of meeting for dinner & drinks with Dakin, as she is the proud mother of my friend as well as fellow artist Andrice Arp (who makes a brief & priceless cameo in this clip as a teenager) whom I look up to (not only because she is so tall!) as an inspiration of greatness and infinite possibility as well. It was super fun to get to discuss topics like the Fluxus movement & Yoko Ono and her feelings on a number of awesome things I rarely get to talk about.
Pure real magic!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm Leatherette

You just cannot mess this up! Even if you are trent reznor & peter Murphy in current time!