Friday, September 30, 2011


This movie has been playing in the back of my mind since I watched it now several weeks back. I am crazy about it. It works so strangely. The main characters of all of this filmmakers movies are always unlikable asswipes but somehow all of the happenings around them are so incredibly tense & keep you needing to see what happens to & around them. This one in particular really did it! It was so tense that my pants felt like they might pop off of me at any moment. I fell in love with the woman in the dunes hard.


  1. OH MAN, I need to see this one so badly. The book by Kobo Abe is amazing, and I've seen Teshigahara's "The Face of Another" (equally amazing and unsettling).

    You definitely hit the nail on the head, by the way. He has a real gift for writing compelling stories about thoroughly unlikable characters.

  2. Yeah! I highly recommend you get on this one! I am infatuated with it! It makes you feel so much & twists all of your cares in re organized angles at every moment. Its insanely powerful. Also I am always crazy about any piece that is capable of achieving so much with a very limited amount of characters. all of his films featuring Kobo Abe stories are very bare pieces with small casts & constricting settings.