Thursday, September 8, 2011

Valie Export

About a month ago I rented this movie called Invisible Adversaries by filmmaker & artist VALIE EXPORT. I picked it up soley based on it title and minimal cover image. After reading the back I thought, "there is no way this movie can be what i want these words to mean". I watched it and fell deeply under its spell and found myself being reminded of the alien world woman truly still live in. I dont want to go into detail about all of the things i felt, or all of the vision I gained. But this movie truly gave me more perspective and moved me in ways I hadn't been in a long time, making me feel more love and simultaneously making me fear more of what is in woman. I have found a new artist to obsess over for certain. It would be shocking to me if Miranda July was not very very aware and into VALIE EXPORT (her name she adopted is to be displayed in all caps at all times).

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